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OHAI & Sun Ten is proud to offer these live in person classes, webinars, and video for your continued education and CEU credits.

OHAI's Mission

The Oriental Healing Arts Institute (OHAI) is a nonprofit educational organization affiliated with the Brion Research Institute of Taiwan, one of the most prestigious research institutes for Oriental medicine in Asia. Founded in Los Angeles in 1976 by the late Dr. Hong-yen Hsu, a scholar who devoted four decades to researching the medicinal properties of herbs, OHAI is dedicated to disseminating the knowledge and improving the practice of Chinese medicine—a goal pursued through publication of the International Journal of Oriental Medicine, as well as books and other informational literature for health professionals, academicians, and students.

Integrative Supportive Care for Cancer Patients (3) LIVE

Sunday, February 18, 2018

4 Units - CA, NCCAOM

LIVE Webinar, LIVE In-Person

This seminar will review in detail, along with webinar four, specific individual cancers. It will discuss current biomedical concepts of etiology and pathology, as well the Chinese Medicine model of causation.



Clinical Application of Micro-Anatomy with Acupuncture (2) LIVE

Sunday, February 11, 2018

6 Units - CA, NCCAOM

LIVE In-Person

1. Cervical ligament injury 
2. Trapezium muscle injury 
3. Splenius capitis muscle injury 
4. Semispinatus capitis muscle injury


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Sun Ten Laboratories' Mission

We endeavor to become the market leader in the natural herbal supplement segment by producing the most innovative and responsible solutions that improve quality of life for mankind.

Videos On-Demand

4 Units each - CA, NCCAOM

A collection of video topics including: Fatigue & Lassitude, Abnormal Menstruation, Cardiovascular Disease, PMS & Dysmenorrhea, Pre & Post Operative Care, and Integrative Supportive Care for Cancer Patients.


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